Douglas Durkin


Immersed throughout his life in the art of creative expression, Douglas founded Durkin Design in 2002. He is driven and defined by the practice of integrating beauty and function, and the profound influence that design holds for the people who live with it.

After graduating from Cornell University, Douglas began his career in New York, and held positions with prominent design firms Ellen Lehman McCluskey and Robert Metzger. He relocated to San Francisco in 1989, and was a Design Principal with the Wiseman Group through 2002.

With an enduring passion for design and architecture, Douglas’ work is defined by his romantic approach and eclectic style. His focus is on creating spaces that express and complement who his clients are and how they live. The firm overall is known for its fidelity to quality experience and execution, rather than an adherence to any one visual style. This ethos results in Douglas’ seasoned expertise in a broad range of styles.

Douglas is deeply committed to the Bay Area design and arts community and has been involved with San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art since 2010.

He is one of the original founders of FOG Design + Art, the pre-eminent Bay Area design and art fair, benefitting the museum. He serves on the FOG Steering Committee, and is the Chair of the FOG Forum, which supports acquisitions for the museum’s Architecture and Design Collection.

Douglas served as Chair of the A & D Collection’s Accessions Committee for five years, as well as the Chair of the FF & E Oversite Committee for the Snohetta Expansion. He continues to serve on the A & D Accessions Committee, the museum’s Building Committee, and is a member of the Director’s Circle.

Nationally, Douglas is a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture, receiving the Julia Morgan Award in 2016 for large-scale residential interior design.

Durkin Design is based in San Francisco, and Douglas shares his time between San Francisco and New York.

Greg Elich

Design Director

Greg’s work is shaped by his belief that a well designed home is a primary source for well being, one that extends into all other areas of life.

As Design Director since the founding of the firm in 2002, Greg is a master at envisioning not only how a home will be experienced today, but over the long view as the people who inhabit it grow and change.

Greg integrates the design vision for each project with every step that is taken in getting there. He is the liaison between our clients, team, contractors and artisans.

Greg began his career as an independent illustrator and designer of custom furniture in San Francisco and later joined The Wiseman Group as a designer and project manager.

Sharon Oosterman

General Manager

With Douglas Durkin since its beginnings, Sharon embodies the firm’s value for a workplace that is home to a thriving, interconnected team. She is the glue that holds us together. In addition to supporting our employees, Sharon oversees all details of our operation and easily balances both efficiency and warmth.

Sharon holds a deep passion for and commitment to our creative work, our clients, and our team, and is dedicated to continually elevating the Durkin experience for all.

Lisa Alexander

Since 2005

Lisa is the first person our callers and visitors encounter in her role as office assistant and receptionist. Her warm, caring, and capable presence with both clients and colleagues is an important part of who we are as a team.

Colleen Lydon

Since 2013

Colleagues who are able to embody ease and calm in the face of complexity are a particular gift to any organization. In her role of project manager, Colleen inspires trust and respect from both clients and collaborators.

Alexa “Kristy” Wyman

Since 2010

A senior technical designer and illustrator specializing in furniture design and renderings, Kristy occupies an essential niche on our team. Her precise, minimalist drawing style facilitates a clear understanding of design intent for both clients and colleagues. Kristy has a BFA Interior Architecture & Design from California College of the Arts.

Stasia Hazard

Since 2009

Stasia is a senior designer with 30 plus years of experience in both architecture and interior design.  She earned degrees at the University of Illinois and Columbia University GSAPP and has worked with numerous high-end residential firms in New York and Chicago.  Stasia effectively combines her architectural and design background with an enthusiastic but restrained approach.

Robert Schaffer

Since 2012

Robert is a graduate from the University of San Francisco with a B.S. degree in Corporate Communications.  Having worked in the interior design field for over 12 years, Robert facilitates the seamless, transparent accounting we are proud of, always keeping our clients in the know. He has a honed ability to be on top of every detail, and significantly contributes to an enjoyable work environment for our team.

Jenna Golden

Since 2007

Jenna is a senior designer, organizing the complexities of large-scale projects. Her great taste, interpersonal skills and broad range of knowledge make her a valued part of our team. Jenna graduated from San Francisco State University with B.S. degree in Interior Design.

Niluka de Pinto

Since 2014

Niluka wears a wide array of hats with grace and style, and her skills as a project manager are a plus for every client she works with. We value her keen focus, and her ability to find non-obvious answers to design challenges. Niluka graduated from San Francisco State University Summa Cum Laude with B.S. degree in Interior Design.

Christine Pizzo

Since 2014

In her role as executive assistant to Douglas, Christine is a deft facilitator of grace and ease. Her calm brand of competence sets the stage for our firm to reach the highest level of design possibility for our clients.

Lana Royer

Since 2014

In her role as a project manager, Lana primarily executes large-scale projects, and she does so with an astute eye for accuracy and detail. We appreciate the balance of efficiency and perfectionism she brings to our team.

Alisa Tanphanich

Since 2016

Alisa is a project manager with a well-honed ability to see what is needed in any situation. Her approach inhabits the sweet spot between creativity and attention to detail,  and is driven to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Alisa graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a B.A in Communications and English and also holds a Certificate in Interior Design and Interior Architecture from University of California at Berkeley Extension.

Barbara Rybandt

Since 2003

As our systems manager, Barbara’s competent contribution enables us to run our business on a steady course. She is a stickler for details and a wonderful resource for information and support for the entire firm. Barbara is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.S. degree in Hospitality Administration.

Heidi Murphy

Since 2015

Without Heidi’s ability to manage our financials as accounting manager, all the great design in the world wouldn’t matter. She keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of our business and her positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile are greatly valued by the entire team.

Kelly Coseo

Since 2018

Kelly’s reliable and steady hand as project manager ensure a smooth process for our clients. The team appreciates her natural ability to juggle focused design development and adept project management. She has worked in the interior design field for 12 years.

Whitney Murrian

Since 2018

Whitney began as an intern and was quickly promoted to her current role as a design associate. She hit the ground running from day one with her agile, bold and highly effective approach.

Joan Foley

Since 2012

Acting as collection specialist for the team, Joan maintains a comprehensive index of design elements and vendors. Her ability to liaise with a wide array of design partners with wit and verve is a true advantage for our design team and clients. Joan received her B.A. from University of Michigan and her M.F.A. in Art History from Columbia University.

Arcadia Smails

Since 2016

A highly organized senior project manager, Arcadia is known for keeping multiple projects on a smoothly running track. Her artful design sense and thorough approach make her an appreciated member of our team. Arcadia holds an M.A. in Design History from Bard Graduate Center and has worked within the interior design industry for over 15 years.

James Barela

Since 2015

Jimmy is pretty much the one-man band that keeps daily life humming around here. He takes his role as office assistant to a level of superior, can-do competence that has each one of us grateful for his presence on our team. Jimmy holds 18 years of experience in the realms of high-end art, furniture and antique installation.